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June 15


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As a creator of Manga my passion lays with the genre. The thing is each person wants something different. So I ask why do you draw or write manga? What reasons do you do this genre for? What inspires you to pursue the Manga world? I spoke about a Manga revolution earlier with my last journal post.  Well,there is a lot of people who want the same as i do. Honestly, it's impossible what i want for you all. In fact i thought about it so much today that it made me depressed in a sense. for example is a very large website with Manga creators. They are doing the right thing but then again they are still missing an important element. I spoke to the people over the website about some issues and well they loved my ideas. Let's just say they were afraid to allow me to work for them. They own the website so they felt hey this new blood sure knows a lot. Let's just stay safe. Well, staying safe when you have a very large fan-base is not always the way to go. Don't get me wrong i love inkblazers.
But they have some flaws on the website just like any other website does. For example: If you are a popular artist and you bring your fan-base with you then you will get votes of course and plenty of views. However,let's say there's a very talented unknown artist with amazing art and story that fly's under the radar due to him or her not having this incredibly large fanbase. Who is going to know about this artist or writer? The answer is no one will. One other thing i noticed was that when they host contest it's always a drawing contest and never anything else. How can someone improve if they only host drawing contest. How about contest and tutorials with how to draw comic bubbles or how to place the right amount of dialog between characters in a panel. Also there needs to be some drawing tutorials about drawing panels per page. You will also need some how to draw action scenes.
You would be surprised at the amount of artist i ran into that are just plan afraid of drawing action scenes. I mean i have dealt with some pros who didn't like drawing action scenes.  Any way at some point we all have to face our fear. That's the only way to improve and become stronger in our craft. I feel that I can bring a lot to the table knowledge wise. No, I can not draw but i do posses a lot of other skills that can not only help artist, but also writers as well. Someone in my last journal mentioned Manga creators needing Editors. I totally agree with that. We not only need an Editor for Grammar mistakes, but just for basic page work is on the up and up. We are humans and make mistakes, so why not allow those to be fixed before publishing something to readers. 
Now allow me to address my concerns about Manga creators. I fear that working together is going to be very hard. So many artist and writer's have their own agenda. Nothing is wrong with that. I have my own agenda as well. But we need to seal something place our stamp on it.  What i mean is make a huge impact not only with our fans but with a wide variety of people. As Manga writer's we will run into a lot of mishaps. I know that Manga artist do as well. After much thought i'm finally ready to kick things into action. I can't wait around any more and just hope for the best. So I propose that we form a collective group. This group will be made up of Artist,Writer's,Editors, Pencil artist,inkers,Comic bubble specialist,Panel experts and more.
 The catch is that we will not be some ordinary group. We will be a super seeded group with a agenda that exceeds the norm. We have to in order to gain respect. Let me tell all of you something. For those of you who haven't seen my Masterless Technique youtube video. There was a comment posted by a guy from China. I had to get one of my artist friends to translate what he said. He was very impressed with the video and music from the trailer. He loved the fact that the story made him feel at home in a sense. Please click the youtube link to see the comment post thanks! My story made him feel some type of way. Do you know how special that is?
Wow, that's what get's me going I love that type of stuff. I want all of us to be able to make connections with other countries. Anime and Manga is universal. We can reach far and wide trust me i know. There is a way for Japan to take notice of our works. I know the key. All you have to do is trust me. I want the best for all.
That's why i get down and depressed sometimes. Because I know that I can do it. But convincing you all to do it is a different thing. There's only air and opportunity we have to make this happen. We can't just sit back and watch things collapse slowly before our eyes. If we feel passion about creating this Manga thing then I say let's go. Soon I will post a poll about this. I will have the group name, what our goals will be and more. It's a huge task but i'm not afraid. You can't be scared or other wise how will you ever accomplish something. Well hope to hear you guys.  Thanks for reading :)
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LittleAylia Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
You have some really deep though and it makes it really interesting to read you. Even if I get a little lost because English is not my first language... ^^;
I get some really mixed feeling when I read this journal of yours. In one way, I agree with you that the manga world is in need of change. It is true that there is always to much importance put on the visual style and not enough on the other aspect of this complex art form. Most books to learn manga only talk about the drawing and mostly the characters. They rarely talk about the scenario, about the bubble the text, about the panels, about how to control the flow of the time in the story! It's also true that the manga world is too closed for it's own good. Every one just want to play safe... :(

But then there is that part of me who says: Why only manga? Why only Japan? "Manga", "comic", "bande dessinée", aren't these all just translations of the same thing? Why aiming to imitate a style? Especially in the age of the Internet where the frontiers are almost destroyed.

I'm itching to ear your point of view on a this question: 
- What's the difference between manga and comics? - Feel free to answer or not. 
KENSHINRO7 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
LittleAylia Thanks very much for your reply. Yes, I'm a very deep thinking. As a writer and Business Major. I tend to actually think about things instead of blurt things out that make no  Well it's not per say the Manga world. It';s the Manga that's being made outside of Japan that needs a boost or kick ion the pants rather. Our or their whole system needs to be revamped and changed for the good.  As of right now a lot of people are fooling themselves.  I personally take the more direct realistic stance and know that things just won't get better with  just hope alone. As for why the Manga books focus on pics and drawing well that's simple. No one wants to take the time to actually learn the technique needed to write a proper script or panels. They just want to draw something cool and hope it sticks. Well real Manga is far more then cool art a lone. People tend to forget that for some odd reason. Also think of it this way, the more you tell people the more they will figure out right. So why would the people making Manga how to books tell you how to be good or write a hit series. That could never be done any way. No one can teach a person how to make or develop a hit Manga. Either you have the skills or you don't. Either the fans will enjoy it or they won't. It's pretty simple.  Well the Manga world needs  some guidance for the non Japanese creators period. Once the proper guide is done then there will be a format to follow and help people truly evolve. Playing it safe will get people no where really. But they play it safe because of fear and comfort. That way no pressure is on them to produce better work. I'm very happy that you brought up the internet. Well the internet is a good thing and a bad thing in this case. Promotion for non Japanese manga is very weak and based on lies and false hood. They want people to buy into this story being told by showing awesome art. But when you get the over all product it lacks in so many areas. ?The person who bought the book or suppurated it online some way. They feel obligated to stick through the crap. Because you told them it was a journey which meant mistakes here and there are ok. Because that was your process. This hurts creators efforts that really know what their doing.  The guys who are doing it wrong are leading fans to false pretenses.  To answer your last question - What's the difference between manga and comics?. Well my opinion is going to be based from a creators point of view. For me personally doing a comic book is easy. All you need is a hero and something to go behind it. It's pretty much always about a hero or something. However Manga has more versatility. Meaning you can write about whatever you want any genre. Not only that but there are virtually no limits. This is why i have 100 manga stories written up and it's easy for me to come up with new ones fast. Especially since i'm a very creative person any way. But this is my take on it. If your question was really asking what's the difference between American Comics and Manga. Then I would have to say the art style and the audience. Not to mention that American comics are far more popular here in the states. Since the Marvel,Batman,Superman,Spiderman,Ironman and whatever else man movies are They do well though. Hope I got to touch on everything you asked.   
LittleAylia Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks a lot for your answers.

First, I'd like to say,don't take it wrong because it is not at all, but by the ways you write I was not surprised to read that you are a Business Major.

That being said, it is true that creating a hit can't be taught. For the simple reason that you never know what people will like. It is not really a matter a skill but more of intuition. Creating a good manga of quality is a matter of skill. Creating a hit, is more of luck and intuition sadly. It like in the music industry. Sometime a song just make a hit, and it's not even well composed or anything it just appealed to people! On the other side, techniques can always be taught! Or at least part of them. I see no reason for why creating a scenario for manga could not be taught, but creating characters could be. It's true than the beginners focus themselves only on the visual. But I don't think it's because they don't want to take the time to learn it. They don't really understand all what creating a manga implies. And the fact that the How to create Manga books only talk about art only makes this problem worse. 

The problem on the internet is that everyone can "publish" their manga. Even the beginners who know nothing else about manga than the appearance. In the real worlds such manga never get published, but on the internet they do. But in real world a manga with really new ideas also won't be published, even if it is really good.

Another thanks for answering that last question of mine. 
These differences belong more to the industries which publish them than to the comics and mangas themselves. Isn't it? The publishers limits your creativity, the opinion of the "fan" of the genre limit your creativity. The medium which comic and manga is is limitless. 
Zerotrance Featured By Owner Edited Jun 18, 2014
You make a lot of good points here. I think the whole "this is a journey so mistakes will be made" mindset is acceptable for side projects and experimental comics, but for an official "we want to make this a thing" type of project, that's really not the best mindset. For official projects, you really need to make sure it is your very best before you put it out. Half-assing it will get you nowhere.

As for your statements on what separates Manga and Comics, well I'm inclined to disagree. You are right when you say that it is ultimately art style and audience, but it really stops there. Something drawn in an American art style has just as much potential as something drawn in a manga art style. Personally, I don't like to call Manga a "genre." That implies that it is bound to a set amount of tropes and story concepts. But in truth, manga encompasses just about any kind of genre the creator wants it to. The same goes for American comic books. There's no limit to what kind of story you can tell with pictures and speech bubbles. There are American comics that don't focus on heroes. Archie would be a good example of this. A medium is only as limited as its creator. Admittedly though, many if not most comic books are indeed about superheroes, so you're technically not wrong. It's what's popular. People like superheroes, businesses make money, everyone wins.

Also, while I'm on the subject, thought I'd just mention: I don't like to say Manga is Japanese for "comic." There really is not translation for Manga, as far as I can tell. Manga solely refers to an art style. What medium you put that art style in is up to you. Graphic novel, animation, video games, etc. I just call Japanese graphic novels "manga" for the sake of differentiation.

I think another reason why OEL Manga doesn't make it big is cultural difference. Maybe a person doesn't exactly hate manga, he/she may just be hesitant because of its origins. Reluctance to look into something foreign is just human nature. Not inherently wrong. It can lead to unhealthy mindsets if gone about the wrong way, but is ultimately understandable. Whether people wanna look into manga or not is their choice. Outright hatred of something one does not understand or has not personally experienced though, that just doesn't fly.
ShinguAmito Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Student General Artist
From China? That's pretty legit.

This group idea is interesting. Are we talking like the level of Image? That would be fantastic. And really hard to pull off, lol. But it's always a hard fight for the things that are worth it.

The go-getter message here is pretty awesome. I like reading these journals. Looking forward to what you have in store for us.
DracoSwoordMaster123 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Did you post that manga on any site like Inkblazers or do I have to buy it off of Amazon? I would like to read it.
Also good luck on this group thing with artist, writers, editors, etc. Coming together. I'll be there to support :)
KENSHINRO7 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
I posted some teaser pages of Masterless Technique on inkblazers.…. But the book can be purchased here  Yes i figured that i would get a little more support from people. But that's ok. Sometimes people miss out on big things from seemling small people. The difference here is that I know something that others don't. This is a key element towards getting productive things started. Thanks for the best wishes hopefully you can join the cause.
DracoSwoordMaster123 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Are there going to be any more books of this? Just wondering.
Ok dude no problem and yeah, I'll try to get in on this. 
KENSHINRO7 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
Well there was suppose to be a book 2 coming this year. But things have been placed on hold by the artist for some reason. 
Yes, i hope that you can join the Manga Revolution cause as well. We need plenty of help. 
Akasora-Redsky Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
To answer the first question you asked : I like drawing, I like writing, I like the japanese subculture of mangas. I can't stand people calling our work OEL/OFL/Amerimanga because it isn't this. It's manga, that's all. And that's the way to tell a story with pictures, give feels to the one who read the pages you worked tons of hours on and feel happy with it. Anything going with japanese reading and a manga artstyle should be called MANGA, nothing else.

I'm not really clear about the collective you wanna create, mostly because I have troubles getting my work done as fast as I want and to manage my time and motivation. But I deeply encourage you to do this, and if you feel like you can explain your goal more (clearly ? Don't know) to me, go on. :)
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