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May 25


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I have been waiting to address this topic again for some time now. I don't think a lot of you realize what's really going on with Manga here in the states and for those who do manga that are not Japanese. So for everyone who aspires to try manga for any reason and want it to be a success or stick out from the garbage heap. You may want to listen to what i have to say. Take notes and open your mind, if you have a closed mind then i advise you to be open. This may not be the journal post for you if you are closed minded. Ok now that's out of the way let's begin.

For those of you who don't know your history Ameri Manga was a thing. It started off in the what early 2000's. Well it failed miserably needless to say for whatever reason. Ok so Then Bleach comes out and there's this huge jump in fans and amateur artist wanting to make their own personalized manga.  So credit Bleach for this huge leap and jump for others to try and produce their own manga. 

Now we fast forward to today. It's no longer Ameri Manga cause that died a long time ago as explained above. But now it's considered OEL manga. Which means Original English language Manga. And even it is not doing so hot. There have been countless topics and well it's a very popular subject matter. Because let's face the facts there are people who do Manga as a hobby. Then you have artist and writer & artist teams who want to do it in a professional sense. 

So this is mainly a post for those who want to truly publish their manga in a sense that it gains real merits and not just a little online buzz. 

So here are the problems facing and holding back OEL manga creators.

1. Fans of manga love to get their products straight from Japan. Why? simple it's quality over substance. 

2.It's not only about the art work, it's about the over all work and how to keep readers interested and coming back for more.

I think a lot of people fail to realize that art a lone in manga or Anime just won't cut it. Yes we all love the art style even i do. But you must have more to go on. Other wise people should just create manga art books instead of calling it manga. And let's face the facts most artist would even lose in that category if they went up against a real Manga artist from Japan. Let's be honest about things as I'm coming to you all with hard core facts.

3. A lot of you are going to hate me for this but i don't care. Most artist here in the states or other are rejected by Manga publishing companies or comic book companies. @__@ Yes sorry to hurt your feelings but hey it's true.  I know of some i could name that i worked with that got rejected and well they are with a no name web comic website now. But that's just reality if you don't want to follow a certain pattern then well you obviously will falter. 

4.  Fans again only want to care about the artist and what he or she brings art wise to the table. Yes of course art is important in a comic medium. But for you to only support their work because of that well it leaves a lot to be said. Because Manga is not American comics. That's the problem Comic books yeah the artist are famous and they get credited for their art and so forth. But still remember there's more to Batman,Spiderman,Superman,X-men etc...  They all have a huge story plot for you to go off of. So that's why they can stretch things out for years and do movie after movie.

5. Weak content that gains huge support and then goes flat after a little while. A lot of you don't understand that working on a manga is hard. I'm not just talking about drawing pages i'm speaking from a keeping the reader interested perspective. If you don't understand that then well i'm sorry.

6. If the only person or people you can impress are your friends. Than most likely your manga will fail. Sorry to say this but if you are in some group who hails your Manga as a gift from GOD. But then when you post it to a forum or Manga website and only get a few pages views. That means that your project was probably not as good as your friends made it out to be. That's just fact from viewing countless pages of manga from other websites.

7. Work Ethic and and pride. A lot of you don't understand that Japaneses artist work like it's their last meal. So with poor work rate and lack of effort you all are killing it for Non Japanese Manga. Also the countless excuses you make are sickening to hear from a publishers stand point. Who wants to hear about you having homework or your job sucked, you had a bad day at school etc.. Japanese artist deal with the same things maybe in a different form one or another but their work rate doesn't drop. Also they don't have mindless goons making stupid comments about them or trying to stop them from drawing. How dumb is that?  The mindless goons that have to say something negative are holding back others. How can an artist advance through that? Well that remains to be seen. But the goons can go sit under a rock because it would be better for them there. 9 out of 10 of the goons have a poor work rate or poor art work. So they are irrelevant and want to boost them self up because of the good another artist or writer has done. It's a cry for attention sadly. 

Next i want to talk about what's killing Manga here and for others non Japanese. 

I think i touched on this above but it's defiantly the fans. Yes i said it they want to be told a big broad lie. Some one says well my manga is going to be Epic. But then when the manga comes out it's extremely sub par. So what do the crazed fans do? Do they demand better work from this popular artist. No! And let me clarify when i say popular i mean by internet standards not a real publisher from a manga or comic book company standard just want to make that clear. So back to my point. The fans just accept anything that the artist does in hope of him or her becoming better over time. They will even go as far to say that the work was good when it clearly was half good or not even considered half decent. This is what's hurting OEL manga people. Wither you want to face the facts or not is clearly up to you.

Another thing that needs to be addressed concerning this OEL Manga situation. Well let's face the facts because i'm going to be fact checking and hitting you with facts all night. It's night time here so i can say all night. Any way  OEL manga has the wrong name.

There will need to be a total revamp for this overhaul to work . Do i know the proper steps to take. The answer is YES. Will i tell everyone? No i won't. I know and it's for the time when i decide to release it out to the masses. It's fair due to all i had to go through to learn it.

But if you all want to save or start this Manga Revolution, than it's going to take a ton of work to get out of the trash left behind from a damaged past. That has spawned into the present time. There has to be a project or something to help save face for Manga not created in Japan.  

Hey and it's going to be difficult. Every day Manga and Anime are constantly changing. Do you all realize that after Attack on Titan came out the focus is now Manga that's intense or that has intense factors.  If you are not able to do your homework on this stuff, then that's another reason why publishers will not consider your work. The state of Manga here and other places except  Europe are way off. Europe doesn't have that problem as they have more venues geared towards Manga. Not saying that they have the same work rate but i'm sure they don't have to deal with ignorant fools that know nothing about how to save this mess that they are in. I'm not in it i'm just speaking on behalf of those that want to do it. I know publishers and people behind the scenes directors etc.. But when i mention it like now i get scrutinized.

That's very silly to do I'll tell you all why. See i obviously know something or i wouldn't be talking about this topic. If anything, if i were any of you, i would cherish the thought of someone who knows something, that could possibly help me in my endeavor.  But that's the idiotic thought process we have to deal with hence slowing down progress with the state of non Japanese Manga. 

Any way i hope that you all take something from this, i'm sorry if i hurt some people's feelings but hey that is what we are dealing with, like it or not. Now if you want to leave a comment make sure it's something towards helping to reform the state of manga nothing more and nothing less. Don't waste your time trying to talk bad about me or make this about what you want. Because it's a waste of time. I don't represent OEL manga this is just something that i read about recently and wanted to touch base on. Something needs to be done because the current state of non Japanese manga is crumbling before us as we speak. It's not looking good folks bottom line like it or not. 

Take care see ya! Enjoy the read. Oh yeah and any negative comments towards me will be deleted and you will be blocked. I have a new attitude after my birthday and i'm not going to get into playing a losers game. If you want to be a loser be one by yourself. It's very immature.  
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Boscoe-X Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014
Personally, my feeling on this issue is that it is an unnecessary and self-inflicted situation. What I mean is, WHY "Manga"? Why hang that label on yourself? Being a Manga artist is like being a Mariachi studio musician. You may be terrific at it, but you're trying to survive artistically in a tiny little narrowly defined niche when there's a much larger creative universe out there you could be playing in.

Why not just tell cool stories in a style of your own devising that hey, maybe derives a lot of inspiration from Manga? SHouldn't the focus of your work be on the quality of the story, characters and execution and not on how Manga-y it is? Isn't it more rewarding to forge your own creative path than to labor within the restrictions of what is an "acceptable" expression of someone else's trope?

I think the failing of the OEL Manga is a CLUE that you need to evolve as a creator and take it to a new level instead of wallowing in your Manga comfort zone and crying about the walls closing in.

While there are definitely Manga I enjoy, taken as a milieu, let's face it, Manga style is generally tedious, repetitive and inbred. It reminds me of superhero comics from the early 90's when everyone was attempting to imitate Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee. A handful of people did some okay stuff, and the rest was a massive raging flood of derivative vomit. Don't be vomit. ;)

It's only natural that budding creators want to recreate what they love and inspired them to create, but those who end up with careers generally move past those original inspirations and develop their OWN niche. -or they become commercial style whores who sell their hands to service whatever trend is currently selling. Which, there's no shame in that if you're successful, I suppose. :)

But the point is, comics in America are selling, and there's an exciting new appreciation of diverse styles like the industry has never seen before. Why not take off the Manga blinders and forge your own unique path into the uncharted territories?

Just my opinion. :)
KENSHINRO7 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014
Hello. Well i'm not to sure why this reply is for  This journal post was for manga creators who think things are easy. Also for the manga creators that don't know why their work isn't getting the buzz they think it should. I also touched on why that was and who the main people are causing the OEL failure. I am not a part of this.  I'm speaking about the topic because i have a back ground dealing with professional in Anime and Manga. So i think your post should maybe go towards others who have no idea about the creating process of comics or manga etc.. It would defiantly enlighten them.  
G-FalconDX Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
This has been some very insightful.  It gives me pause for thought as to whether people are really making OEM simply because they want to imitate it, or truly want to create something extraordinary.  I am currently working on my own webcomic which is in the process of being reworked to make it better.  I'm not sure if I can call the style that I draw 'manga', nor if it'll be successful, but right now, all I want to do is to get it out there for people to read.
KENSHINRO7 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014
Well glad you enjoyed this journal :) I'm happy to help others. I just wanted to let everyone know about this matter who cared about creating their own projects. Because it's important information and i am sure a lot of people didn't know about it.
Doodle-Knight Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
You're very right. Thank you for this insightful piece of advice.
KENSHINRO7 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
You are more than welcome. Hopefully you can join the quest to help rejuvenate non Japanese manga. :) 
madlink Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
I'm really interested in your experience in the industry and plan on looking through your journals to see what you've learned over the years (in terms of writing manga/anime).

(assuming i get into a habit of actually working on a series i've been just brainstorming for over a couple of years now);

my question: would it be wise to begin doing stuff manga-wise BUT writing it in japanese (studying it for a year and a half, so i'm far from being completely fluent) under a japanese pen name, using only japanese settings and culture, and posting the stuff on pixiv (or some other japanese website).

my thinking, is that if i solely post stuff there, with the awareness to make it less american-like and more japan-like, and people find out my work from there, people might think i'm actually japanese and find my work more enjoyable.  your thoughts?
KENSHINRO7 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
That's a tough question. All I can say is try it out and see what happens. I don't think it would hurt anything. As far as story concepts and using a Japan base. It's been done so much by Japanese mangaka that you would have to place a very unique spin on the plot and story. They have even covered that area as well so it would still be tough. Just be original and unique. Don't worry so much with small details of Japan etc.. Allow the story to flow then the work will come out much better. This is my opinion. Hope it helps.
madlink Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
thank-you for your input.  i don't mean to stress the small stuff, it's just that when people start valuing certain details so much as to dismiss other great works it makes people think, "well...what other details would they notice."

my idea is that i have a story that i want to do (less of an obvious rip off of a popular series like bleach), and wonder that if i use anything american that people will think it's abysmal compared to a japanese mangaka did it (such as jokes, speech patterns, character motivation and designing, etc)
KENSHINRO7 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
I personally wouldn't try to Americanize a manga. I think that what you are doing is in the right direction. It's going to be tough but stay true to your thoughts ands everything should come out ok :)
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